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We view challenges as opportunities to apply our skill and knowledge to a scenario and offer a practical solution.

Examples of solutions we customised are presented below:

1. A small business owner approached us having been advised by his accountant not to apply for low doc loan due to a range of issues including possible implications from the Australian Taxation Office. According to his less than average taxable income he did not qualify for a loan from all four major banks. With our knowledge of the lender’s credit policy we were able to obtain approval for $1.3 million from a major institution as a full documentation loan. Four years later the same business owner now owns multiple properties, has implemented a very successful financial plan and is embarking on an additional application with us to expand his portfolio further.

2. A full time employee approached us after being declined by a credit union and was advised that she would not qualify for a loan anywhere due to her income. This client wanted to consolidate her debt and had an excellent repayment and employment history. We discussed her situation with expert lenders and were able to secure loan approval within 48 hours. Today the client has consolidated the debt and now pays a lower interest rate.

Every application is different and it should be noted that not all applications will achieve results such as the scenarios above but Mortgage International is the company that can offer a solution tailored to your situation.

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