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How much of the purchase price can I borrow?

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CollapseHow much of the purchase price can I borrow?

The amount depends on a range of factors including your personal circumstances, the price of the property and any valuation that may be required (a bank valuation may not be the same as the purchase price).

Loans more than 80% valuation often require mortgage insurance, which will be covered by the borrower.

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CollapseCan I still borrow if I have a credit default?

The default will remain on your file for a period of five years and there may be an opportunity for you to explore products which allow for individuals with an impaired credit history. Each application is different.

If you would like a copy of your credit record, you can contact a credit reporting agency to ensure your default is listed as paid. Baycorp is a credit reporting agency in Australia and can be contacted on 02 9464 6000 or see their website

CollapseAm I eligible for a loan despite having an irregular income?

We can tell  you about a range of options such as Lo Doc Home Loans and similar loans designed for borrowers in your situation.