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For personal car leases you have several options available to you look upon leasing as an alternative means of owning your own car. Take a novated car lease, for example.

Novated Car Lease

A novated car lease is essentially an agreement between you, your employer and your car finance company, and can be covered by used or. You have to be in employment for this, and also have the agreement of your employer.

Although your employer is involved in the agreement, the responsibility for the car leasing repayment lies with you as the buyer, even if you decide to quit your job. In such an eventuality you can't just leave the car on your employer's doorstep because the repayment agreement is between you and the lender; your employer is not responsible for any repayments.

A employer may offer employees novated car leasing arrangements as an incentive to remain committed to the company, and many government bodies may also offer such deals for employees. The advantages of this type of car lease in Australia include a wide range of cars from which to choose, and you also have the opportunity to purchase a car that would normally be way beyond your price range. You can also maintain the payments yourself if you leave the company.

We can provide information and support applying for a lease that is right for you.